Nilstrieb's website

this is my website. you'll find lots of interesting and not very interesting stuff here, depending on where you look.

there may be many secrets depending on where you look....


these two are not everything, but you may find more there, like a choose your own adventure story: choose your own nils

my blog

i have a blog, it might be interesting, maybe.

WARNING: THE LINKS ON THE BLOG LINK BELOW MAY BREAK AT ANY MOMENT, DO NOT SAVE. Visit instead, for the same blog with URLs I'm trying to keep live.



slides to talks that i have given

slides from talks

random projects

in addition to all the other stuff mentioned above, i also have some random projects hosted on my server. they are pretty bad and i won't promote them this openly, but you will be able to find them if you really want to. some people have been saying that there might be a secret back alley somewhere...