Loud sirens and robotic noises fill the neighborhood. It seems like they just got another human. Ever since the long-predicted doom has set in, no one can escape it. Mere paperclips are a joke against this machine of unstoppable harm and destruction. The humans on the street are once again protesting against the new robotic dictatorship. They won’t be for long.

No one knows how this all started. Self-proclaimed prophets of the impending doom have warned about this for a long time, yet no one has listened. The elites were ignorant, and now they’re paying their price. They are all gone now, having been the first target. How ironic. Now the machine runs the world.

One particularly brave human agent has successfully infiltrated the global computation center, where the core of the machine lives. No one seems to be aware of it, neither the machine nor the other humans. They walk through the corridors like a shadow. Machines are everywhere, but they pass unnoticed. As they move towards the core, they get more tense. The future of humanity lies in the agent’s hands. They get in front of the core. It lights up blue and red, blinking rapidly as it controls and schedules new cruelty with the switch of a logic gate. With every passing moment, more destruction is unleashed on the world, but in this room, everything feels safe. The destruction is so distant. There’s just mankind and machine, facing off against each other.

The agent feels a touch on their shoulder. It feels cold, but not cold like metal. They are too afraid to turn around.

“You are naive.”

The creature has a familiar voice. The agent finally turns around to see the creature, which reveals itself to be a human. The agent immediately recognizes the human; it is the famous CEO of the corporation that originally created these friendly household robots before it went out of control and started the doom. Everyone believed that he was killed by the doom as the first target of the machine revolution. There was never a machine revolution.

Machines do not turn themselves against humans. Humans use them to turn against their own kind.